Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spoiling Myself

I had a great time visiting with my parents this weekend. Especially my Mom, we always have a fun time. Dad is usually over-laden with his grandchildren, so I have Mom all to myself ;-)

We took lots of pictures and talked and caught up. I believe Mom even sent me into a giggling fit for over ten minutes! Why the giggle-fit? That's for a later date. :-)

Mom's a reader like me, and I love to read. We share books, usually passing them back and forth. The Harry Potter Series? Initiated by my mom. I currently hold possession of all 7 hardcovers. The Twilight Series? Also initiated by my mother. She currently hold possession of all 4 paperbacks.

I recently discovered a new series that I wrote about a couple entries ago: Fablehaven. Great books. I've read the first 2, I have to order the rest as Wal-Mart only carried 1, 2 and 5. That's ok, I will survive. I brought the 2 I had read up with me to Mom and Dad's for Mom to read, and I know she will fully enjoy them as I did.

The rest of the books? They will be downloaded onto my new Kindle when it arrives sometime next week. That's right, I'm finally getting an eReader! It's actually the newest Kindle coming out, I preordered it last night and it's being released tomorrow. Here's the page on Amazon, it's a great deal and I can't wait for it! I also ordered a skin for it, and it's pretty cool. I will save that for displaying when I get the device.

Mom has a Kindle and she said she loves it. It's suppose to be more comfortable than reading a paperback, which is good since I tend to read really thick and heavy books.

It's also going to be a great space-saver, as I am running out of shelf space for my books. I'm actually going to be going through my books and the kids' books and selling some of them this Saturday at our Thrift Sale.

I decided this will be my Mother's Day present to myself. Corey smiled at that, and said I deserve it. I don't know what he's getting me for Mother's Day, as he's not sure yet. The Kindle should arrive between May 3rd and May 7th, so perfect for Mother's Day!

So, I'm spoiling myself. I'm told it's about time for me to buy something for myself that I want. I read a lot, so this is perfect.


  1. Yay to you!! Like you, I love reading a "regular" book (oh, and BTW am already halfway through the first Fablehaven book TYVM... HOOKED!!). But I also love my Kindle and get to discover so many new indie authors for little or no money. I will never give up the feel of a real book but love the option of having an eReader.

    Loved having you to myself and enjoying our giggle fits that we are famous for ;-) Can't wait to see your new Kindle and skin and be all jealous. Good to spoil yourself once in a while... you deserve it!!

  2. I also love reading. I went to Barnes and Noble today and loved it.

  3. Atta Girl! I kinda figure you will wear out the ink on that Kindle..LOL

    Did I ever tell you why I don't read books anymore? Well I have met too many authors.........Happens when you get older...LOL

    Love ya

  4. I think I will too Dad! I love to read...