Saturday, April 14, 2012

All Done

All for today was accomplished.
Found some stuff at the garage sale this morning.
Baily liked her dress.
The dumpster in Martell is overflowing.
Some treasures were brought home.
A dog was given love by her master:

And those chairs? Yeah, they were some of the treasure brought home. Memories abound with those chairs, many nights at the cabin around the fire, many afternoons sitting in them with a book or notebook or sketchpad. They've been hidden in that garage for years, but never truly left. They are back now, and will be well-used and loved as they were before.

Today's the Day

As I sit here with my coffee and oatmeal, I ponder what the day will bring.

We will start out at a garage sale close to home, hoping to find some treasures like we found the other night at some.

That will lead to Jeremy and Amie's house to drop off Baily's dress that I hemmed up for her to see if it is what she wanted.

From there, we will head to the old homestead where I spent most of my life. Today is the day we clean out the garage so the new family living there can utilize it (or tear it down as it is falling apart), thus most likely finalizing my life there.

What will we find in the garage that won't make it to the giant dumpster my parents ordered? I know a few things, like hopefully some great Adirondack chairs I saw in the attic of it, and mayhap some clothing from when I was really little to hold on to (if the moths haven't gotten to them that is).

What we go through as we clean will be a gut-reaction "keep or throw" to the items we pull out of that dilapidated garage. Who knows, there might be some real finds hiding there.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tea & Tooth

Mmm... Chai Black Tea with honey.

Soothing and yummy.

Had a tooth pulled yesterday, and lemme tell ya, it was a big-ass tooth. A piece of it broke off on Friday (while eating a healthy granola bar, nonetheless) and was a PITA tooth to begin with, it had had tons of work done on it when I was younger, so I said it was time to go before it cost me more money to fix the break. It most likely would have broken more later, even with a crown, so it went buh-bye yesterday.

It hurt.

My Bug was with me though, and she held my hand like a good little girl and watched as the dentist took a pliers to my mouth and started pulling. She didn't make a sound, until I started sobbing from the pressure on my lips from being stretched, then she squeezed my hand and said "Mama, are you okay? It'll be over soon, it's okay Mommy. I'm right here." Too sweet!

Then she got to pick out a cute prize for me, a pink and purple stretchy plastic bracelet thing. It was sweet.

So now I'm sitting with a hole in my mouth that aches, waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in, since the Vicodin they prescribed me doesn't do anything besides make me tired. Down the toilet it will go I guess. Stuff just doesn't work on me. Oh well, good thing I guess.

The tea is so soothing, the second-to-last bag of the Chai my Mama gave me months ago. Must savor it.

The remainder of the week looks massively busy at work, with Saturday being the day we clean out the garage in Martell. It will be a sad day, but a good day. Almost an end of an era, but not of the memories. *sigh*

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kitty Love

Alexis and Nova this morning

'Nuf said :)


Due to unexpected circumstances with Daycare today and tomorrow, I am home with the girls both days. It's okay, I needed the break from work anyway. Also have chores to catch up on since the past few weekends have been super busy.

No school today for either girl for Easter Break, and no school for Kayla tomorrow.

Is it bad that both girls (especially the Bug) are getting on my nerves already (might be because of the lack of coffee in my system ATM)? Eh, I'm sure it'll get better throughout the day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and I will post later. Right now, the griddle is calling for me to throw some yummy pancakes on it (homemade, of course) :)