Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I survived my birthday and am now a year older. We spent the day with my parents and the kids and had a wonderful time. Corey took me out to dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate and then we came home and chilled and watched Fast Five. It was a lovely day.

Now it's Christmas Day and We get the kids back this afternoon to celebrate with Corey's family and do our own here at home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season and that the time is spent with family and the people you love.

As always, from the Fairies ad Frogs of the house :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Le Sigh

Tomorrow's my birthday.

I'll be 27. 3 years from 30. I know it's just a number, but it still sends a message. Not sure whether it's a good one or not, I guess we will see when it gets here. For now, I will enjoy the time before it :)

Tomorrow is also the day we are spending the holidays with my parents. It started out being planned as a wonderful day, but there have been changes.

First, finding out my nephew won't be there.

Then, turns out my sister and her new husband won't be there.

Now, Corey and his kids may not be there as the flu has been going around school the past week.

Brady had it and now Maria is telling us that Paige has it.

So if it turns out they are still icky in the morning, Corey and the kids will be here and I will be up north with the girls and my parents.

We're hoping things turn out well. This seems to happen every year, at least the past couple years. We seems to make plans and get it all worked out to the last detail, then something happens. Last year we worked everything out to get things done and it almost fell apart last minute due to stupidity on someone else's part. It did work out in the end though.

Getting all this out feels better, and I'm putting it out there that it all works out.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Present

Monday night, we picked up something new to come home.


It's a 2011...

... cream and grey colored...

... has a big loud motor...

... Nova.

Any guesses?

If you think it's a new vehicle, you're wrong!




Here she is! She's about 6 months old and is half-Siamese. She's so cute and cuddly and the kids love her. She's the second half of my Christmas present. Ain't she cute? Oh, and her name is Nova :)