Saturday, April 30, 2011


I think April wanted to make up for the rain we haven't gotten this month today.

We had our thrift sale from 7-3:30 today. It was suppose to be 7-4 but the weather was just not on our side.

So we had to get up at our regular weekday time to finish getting things set up at Corey's sister Amy's house in Durand. Not fun. I don't like getting up during the week at 5:00am, let alone on a weekend.

It was cold and rainy the first part of the day, thank goodness Amy decided to buy a canopy last night at Family Dollar otherwise we would have been screwed. Her garage isn't very big, and we had another makeshift canopy made from and moveable clothesline and a roll of plastic. Plus we had tons of clothes (children-adult) in her basement, which we got to from the garage. There would have been no room for us to sit and take money.

The canopy was moving so much from the wind gusting, we had to bring out the twine and fasten the poles to anything within reach. Wow... We used a lot of string to keep the poles in the ground lol

We did pretty well considering the weather and it was a one-day sale. It was a nice steady on-and-off flow of traffic. Corey's so happy because he sold the Bowflex that we've been trying to sell for about a month now. It was hard because it's such an expensive machine (over $3000 when he bought it 5 years ago), but it's barely been used, and not at all in the past 3 years. He didn't get as much as he wanted for it, but it's better than nothing considering it's been just sitting there taking up space.

Of course Mother Nature decided to have it rain while we had the sale, and about 5 minutes after we picked everything up, we saw clear skies coming our way. And now the sun is out. Pooey. We had a beautiful day yesterday and it's suppose to be nice tomorrow. Only rain today. Rar.

We did make enough to make up for the stuff we bought at the thrift sales Thursday night, and we still have some left for the big 100-mile thrift sale next Friday. Can't wait!

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  1. So glad that Corey got his Bowflex sold, and that there was the die-hard garage sale people to make it worth your while despite the rain.

    What is it that Jeff Foxworthy says? "We go to other peoples garage sales to get stuff for our own." Have fun next Friday!!