Sunday, April 24, 2011


So it was a little early. Like, 2 months early. Oh well, it's done.

Mom and Dad's 20th Anniversary is June 8th, and since my mother has bugged me and bugged me about making her a quilt (not really bugged too much, just wanna be a little dramatic here (-:), I did. I decided to make one for their anniversary, and I finished it last weekend. And, being me, I couldn't wait 2 months to give it to them! It would eat me up as my mother makes subtle hints about making her one. "Hunter green is a wonderful color" "You know I'd love a quilt." "When are you making one for me?" Not so subtle, I know, but that's my Mom :-)

Here's the process!

First, I pick a pattern and, if I want to, change the colors and buy the fabric:

 I did decide to change the colors, so I bought them and cut them out:
 Then, as patience is not a piece of me, I had to make one of each block to see how they looked:

 Then I sewed each block and sewed them together (no pictures taken of the process, I was in my element):
 And after the borders were added:

 Closeups of the corners:

After the batting and backing was sewed on, I put it in a box and wrapped it up nicely. I didn't have anything besides "Happy Birthday" and "Christmas" wrapping paper, so I used my noggin:
Oops... I forgot to rotate this picture. Oh well, as you can see, I used fabric! And used safety pins instead of tape :-)
Pretty, no? I even added a bow and card:
You know how hard it is to write on fabric with a ball-point pen? The message says: I know it's a few months early, but I couldn't wait to give this to you two. Happy 20th Anniversary Mom & Dad! <3 all 7 of us"

Now, since we were going up there this weekend for Easter, I had to give it to them. Like I said, no patience sometimes. They had to close their eyes when I brought it into the house. This is how it went:

Eyes closed!
 Mom knew right away, the little brat :-)
 I think Dad was a little excited, huh?
 Oo! A printer!
 Huh? That's not a printer!
 Think they like it?


  1. We absolutely love it! Sorry I ribbed you so much about it. I knew you were making one (Moms intuition and all that) but I didn't know the pattern, which, BTW, is awesome. Can't wait to pick out my new summer bedding to put it on.

    Thanks again honey and love you bunches!!

  2. It's okay, I knew you knew, no big deal :-) Glad you like it! And have fun shopping for the summer bedding lol Love you too!

  3. It's Amanda... but you can't really tell how good its going to look until you put it together... I remember how Sarah's quilt looked in high school with all those busy colors and together, it looked awesome.

    I wouldn't have picked those colors and I think that quilt looks awesome! Great job, Nichole.

  4. Nichole, That is fabulous! What a beautiful quilt. I'm so proud of you (again). Roxy

  5. Thanks Amanda! You are right, you won't know until it's done. And I picked the colors because Mom and Dad are on living on the Res and those are the Native American colors, they have because very aquainted with the lifestyle.

    Thanks Roxy, I'm glad it turned out better than I thought :-)

  6. Hi Young Lady,

    Yes, I had no clue as what to expect, of course if I could have opened my eyes and heard the reference to the cloth wrapping, I still would not have figured that out. LOL Now if I knew where your mother hid it, I would use it.
    If I know your mother she will frame it and hang it on a wall...LOL


  7. No, Mom will use it not hang it lol If she hangs it I will not be happy, it was made to be used. She gets to go shopping now remember? :-)