Sunday, May 22, 2011


I feel more accomplished today than I really have all week.

The cold I was experiencing last week ended up with me heading to the ER Sunday evening, coming home with a diagnosis of Bronchitis. Nasty bout of it to tell the truth.

I went into work Monday, 50 miles one way, for my boss to send me home immediately. I knew it was going to happen, but for my absence to be excused, I had to show up at least so she could okay it.

I headed into town as soon as the pharmacy opened at 9:00 and got the rest of my medication. I also picked up some tea and some honey-lemon cough drops for my throat. Afterwards, I came home and rested for most of the day.

Thankfully, since I don't have any more vacation days to use (besides the 3rd of June I already have scheduled), my boss let me make up the 8 hours of work missed by having my go in 2 hours early the remainder of the week. She sent the news home with Corey on Monday, and he was to go in early as well so we could ride together and save gas.

I slowly got momentum and some energy throughout the week, even with only getting 2 hours of sleep each Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and 3 hours Thursday night. The cough was a killer at bedtime. I made that sleep up Friday night, then I even fell asleep way early last night! Guess I needed it.

I was able to mow back by the raspberries on Thursday and Friday nights, then Paige and I weeded them out on Friday night as well. We got around the red ones and made our way through the wild catnip, pulling out all the sticky weeds and burning nettle.

It started getting late, so we left the yellow ones for another day. We were hoping to get to them yesterday, but we had to run to Eau Claire and get a few things, one being Walker's birthday present, a brand new Mongoose Mutant bicycle. We didn't have any luck at the thrift sales this year so far finding a bike for him, and he badly needed one. He was a happy camper! We celebrated his birthday yesterday with Corey's sister and parents, as the girls are with their dad til tomorrow night.

The humidity started getting to me, as the first few times of the year usually do, so I laid down for a few minutes on the bed at about 7:30, and woke up at 11:30 last night. Corey said he tried waking me up a couple times, but then let me sleep. I went back to bed and got up at 8:00 this morning.

Thus started a day of making pancakes, then getting the kids into showers, and washing dishes, laundry, taking care of the cats, helping Paige with a puzzle, more laundry, more laundry, going through clothes, etc...

Now the house is quiet. Too quiet. Corey took the kids back to their mom at 4:30, and then he had to help his sister move something, and now he's at his buddy Jeremy's helping him work on a vehicle. I opted to stay home so I can finish up a couple chores and relax a little bit.

I also finished Fablehaven 4, and I'll be starting the 5th one sometime later today. Very good series, I highly recommend it. I have the fist 2 in paperback (actually, I have the first one, Mom has the 2nd one yet), and the other 3 are on my Kindle (so Mom, when you're ready, we'll have to figure out how to lend them to you). I'm finding myself very anxious to read number 5, but also not so. I hate reaching the end of a series, or saga, as then I must find something new. I guess that's how it must be. I believe I may read some of Brandon Mull's other work, as there is a few books by him that look very interesting.

For now, I guess it's back to my chores, as I'm feeling a little restless, being this close to the end of a Sunday, knowing work looms in the morning for the week. Oh well, a three-day weekend  coming up, then a 3-day work week to follow. Looks promising!


  1. Wow, that cold really took alot out of you! Glad you're feeling better. I checked into lending of the Fablehaven books, and they don't have that option :-( Guess I'm just gonna have to buy the rest of the series (used, of course). Oh well.

  2. Hmmm... wonder if they haven't started that feature yet. I will check into it as well. And yes, the bronchitis did take a lot out of me, but I'm feeling much better! Lingering cough, but better.

  3. I would like a crack at getting that book off the kindle. LOL,

    Nichole, you better take care of yourself!


  4. I am Dad, it's pretty much gone. Just a couple coughs here and there.