Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day actually started on Wednesday when I received this in the mail:
Woohoo! Corey got to the door first and brought it into the house, where, as a funny guy, decided to hide it on me. Grrr... Everyone got a good giggle out of me alternating between whining and demanding it back and laughing. He finally gave it to me and I opened it.

The bottom picture is the skin I ordered for it. I followed the instructions and plugged this bad boy in.
Sweet! Later that night, Corey helped me put the skin on it.

Purty, huh? Mom, I know you'll love it!

I haven't had too much time to play with it, was pretty busy this week, like any other week I guess. I did take it with us on Friday when we went on the 100-mile Thrift Sales, but we were too busy getting in and out of the truck for me to do much with it. And no, I haven't downloaded any books yet, I'm working on it! I did get a couple games tho for free that I played on Friday.

My Mother's Day continued yesterday when we went to Eau Claire to run a couple errands. Corey and the boys went into Best Buy while Paige and I went into TJ Maxx to shop around. We picked up a Mother's Day present from the kids for Corey's Mom, and I also got Paige a new pair of flip flops and some new nail polish for her and the girls to use.

After that excursion, we found the boys in Best Buy yet and got the truck keys from Corey so we didn't have to lug around the stuff from TJ Maxx. He quickly hid his hands behind his back and said it was my Mother's Day present and then gave me the keys.

Paige and I went out to the truck to wait, and the thought crossed my mind to call my mom and see if she had gotten the Mother's Day stuff I mailed on Thursday. She answered and said she had just opened it. Good timing, no? Must be that link that we share, I dunno. Must be psychic abilities? Possible. Luck? Very probable. She said she loved it, which made me happy. She also told me what my dad had gotten her for Mother's Day and how he gave it to her. All I have to say is "Go Dad!" Can't wait to see pictures Mom!

After the boys finally came out, I was given my Mother's Day present. I already knew what it was, but I wasn't sure what it would look like. I will show a picture of that in a minute.

We were all getting hungry so we went to Fazolli's and ate, then headed to Menards for Corey to get a few things for here and there.

When we got back to Eau Galle, we went to Corey's Mom's to he and the kids could give her her Mother's Day present and card. She loved it also, which made us double happy :-) Paige and I did good apparently.

Once we got home, I opened up my Mother's Day present. I love it!

It even has a little light that's operated by the battery on my Kindle. Sweet! I went and put the Kindle in it right away. See?
As I was doing this, Corey came up behind me and said "Don't move." I was a little worried because he kept saying it, I was thinking I had a spider or tick on me or something. I was getting a little edgy because he was taking his sweet time getting it off of me!

Just as I was about to start screaming, he put something around my neck.
Aw! A beautiful Celtic Knot necklace. I almost cried, I swear. I was alternating between relief that there wasn't something creepy on me, agitation because he purposely made me scared, and complete surprise and love for the man who presented me with this beautiful necklace.
He knows me so well :-) <3 you honey!

I was told the Kindle Cover was from all the kids and the necklace was from him. 

This morning I also got to get my girls for Mother's Day. I met Andy in Elmwood as usual and got the girls at 8:00 this morning. Normally he has them Friday thru Monday during the school year, except one weekend a month, but since it's my holiday, I got to have them. Love it.

When we got home, Alexis gave me this that she made in school for me.

So cute, I have the picture on my dresser right now. I love getting handmade stuff like this!

The girls got to see Paige, Brady and Walker for a little bit before their mom came to get them at 8:30. After that, I took a shower, got a couple things done, then the girls and I went off shopping. I got Alexis a pair of flip flops and Kayla got some crocs because we couldn't find any flip flops in her size. Darn it. Oh well, she's happy with her purple crocs and Alexis is happy with her pink camoflauge flip flops.

The girls also got me these at the store, with their own money.
Aren't they pretty? A gal was selling them for $1 a piece by the checkout. It was so sweet of them. I bought myself one also, that's why there's 3 of them. The open red one is the one I bought, the closed red one is the one Lex got, and Kayla got the white one. Here's a closeup of the white one.
Looks yellow, but it's white.

Then the girls went outside to play while I put the groceries away. I got a couple cute shots of them before it started raining.
 Kayla loves to pose pretty.

 Lex my goofball.
 After this, we went inside and watched Looney Tunes until I had to take them back to their dad at 4:00.

I would say my Mother's Day has been pretty eventful. I loved every minute of it, and now it's back to the norm. Got tons of laundry to get put away, including all the stuff we got on Friday, which is currently being washed and there's still a mountain on the floor waiting for an open spot in the machine.

I hope you all had as wonderful of a Mother's Day as I have! Feel free to share it with me in the comments, I love reading about other people's days! :-)


  1. Well, you're right, I absolutely love the skin for your Kindle and am so totally jealous that your cover has a light! It looks like you have a wonderful Mother's Day and thanks for the call and love from you and the girls. xoxo

  2. Hi Kolie,

    Sounds like you sure made out like a bandit! Can't say much about the kindle, looks nice and everything, but once again, I don't read so they don't really crank my Rickter scale...LOL

    Love the necklace though! And the flowers, and the pics of the kids, yep you Mom's sure get spoiled on Mothers Day.........and that's a good thing, because us grumpy old men........and kids......don't always show our love every day of the week, like you mothers do! So I love ya, happy to read about your day!


  3. PS....never could figure out how to properly write...Colie, Kolie, Coliander, awww Baby of the Family is easier.....LOL

  4. Mom, Corey was just asking me about reading the Kindle and if you needed a light earlier this week. I love the fact that it has a light too, so cool! And that it runs off my Kindle's battery power is even better.

    Thanks Dad! Yes, I think I was thoroughly spoiled yesterday, and I love it. And I'll let you spell it how you wanna spell it (although I spell is Colie when I sign your cards) ;-)