Saturday, May 14, 2011


I was burning garbage the other day, and I looked over to see Missy, our black lab, playing with something on the ground. I thought it was just her rawhide bone, but then I saw whatever she was playing with move. I went over to investigate, and what did I see?

 A toad!
 Upon closer inspection, he wasn't as cute as a frog is... Interesting color tho, with the orange instead of green.
 I love my camera for close-up shots.

 Alexis came out to see what I was doing, and we decided to get a picture of the toad with her finger to show the size of it. Remember now, she's 6, so this toad wasn't very big.
Pretty cool though. The dog was running circles around us, but Alexis was worried Missy would start eating it. I don't think she would have though, she just wanted to play.

Then Thursday, Corey and I went outside for a smoke, and we spotted these in the field.

 Eagles! These shots were taken from our deck, with my digital zoom all the way out. Not the best quality, but pretty cool nonetheless.

 After about 10 minutes of pictures, they got tired of being watched and flew away.
Gotta love the stuff I see in my backyard these days. Deer, rabbits, eagles, toads, herons, geese, etc... Such a variety!


  1. Awesome pictures! You are very lucky to live in an area that gives you so much to see and enjoy.

  2. Hi Nichole,

    Pretty cool pics of wildlife. Gotta nickname Kayla, Toad...LOL Because toads eat bugs...........

  3. Dad, are you saying that a Toad is gonna eat KaylaBug or that Kayla eats bugs? LOL

    Mom, yes, I feel very fortunate for my surroundings! I love seeing many different things off my deck.