Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Weather Recap

Over the course of April, our weather was up and down.

On the 2nd, it was a beautiful sunny say and the snow was melting nicely.

On the 8th, the snow was all gone and I was discovering baby raspberry bushes popping up...

 ... and my wild catnip was looking great!
On the 10th, "our" geese were frequenting the "pond" that settles in the field in the early spring.

That same day, the winds were blowing and the skies were looking a little mean...

We were lucky enough that it missed us, the rain was pretty hard about 10 miles SE of us.

On the 15th, it was a different story...

 Yep... snow. Grrr...

The next day, the snow was gone and I was back to watching the geese float around and chase any other geese that showed up off the pond.

On the 18th, it was finally warm enough to get the kids outside on their bikes and to run off some energy without being laden down with snowsuits.

I was even lucky enough to get a couple pretty good shots of them all sitting on the steps.

We went up north on the 22nd for Easter, and the weather was wonderful. Mom and I got to get some great shots of the foliage while Dad took the kids on a tractor ride (this was before the lawn tractor started on fire a few days later).

My beautiful Mother

The rest of the month was sunny one day, cloudy and rainy the next. Nothing note-worthy I guess, since I don't have any pictures.

Anyone else hoping May has some beautiful weather in store for us so it can finally be warm out?

I need to get back to my raspberry bushes and finish weeding them out before they get overrun again.

Corey wants to get working out in his shop (which is not heated) so he can start wood-working finally.

The kids want to be able to get their Jeeps out and their bikes out more and are waiting for the pool to be turned on (which won't be until about June at the earliest).

We are all waiting for the excuse to run around in shorts and tank tops and get our hands dirty .

Ah, such is the life of fairies and frogs.


  1. Love the photos! (Even the one of me isn't half bad ;-) ) Saw the first robin of spring today, and the first dandelion on Friday, so that must mean that some sort of warmer weather is on the way so I can get to work on my gardens as well.

    Happy May Day!!

  2. Everybody gotta talk about my lawn mower fire!!! OK, the lawnmower started on FIRE, it was not my fault! Mother Nature was punishing me for not building an electric one. LOL

    Nice Pictures though.


  3. The picture of you is wonderful Mom, hush lol And Dad I know it's not your fault, Mom and I were just talking about it a few days after it happened and we're glad it didn't happen with the kids attached :-)

  4. Aah, Spring in the Midwest...gotta love it! The pictures are absolutely WONDERFUL, you got a real talent there, Colie!!! <3

  5. Anytime, but of course! You and Mom take such wonderful pictures, I am TOTALLY jealous!!!