Monday, March 11, 2013

New Love

I gained a new love last week.

Well, my love decided to BUY me a new love last week.

Technically, I guess it's TWO new loveS.

They were my birthday-Christmas-New Year's-Valentine's-St. Patrick's Day-Easter-Mother's Day present.

For the next 5 years.

Aren't they gorgeous?!

I mean, look at all the buttons!

So pretty! I'm in love *sigh*

Corey went all out, he decided if he was going to do this, then he was going to go with the brand new versions. I mean, they have TONS of bells and whistles.

I am discovering a few tricks with some of the fabrics, like the fleece blankets that Corey's mom made the kids need to be timed dry, because the dryness sensor in the dryer senses the fabric is warm and dry, but it's rally warm and damp.

Thank you Corey, I love them and I love you!


  1. Wow... I'm mean WOW!! I can understand why you love them... and Corey.

    Did I mention WOW?!?

  2. They are beautiful! I'd kill for them.

    Not as a present, though. Household appliances supposedly do not qualify as presents for whatever variety of meaningful day. They are necessities of life. I was looking for something with lots of shiny stones, like diamonds or rubies, etc. I have to confess, though, I'd prefer the washer and dryer as well!