Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Family Member

Please give a warm welcome to our new member of the family:

His name is Remington, he's 2 years old, and we rescued him from the Humane Society.

He's a little lover, very affectionate.

He and Nova are already working on getting along. Nova's still a little pushy, but Remi lets her know when he's had enough.

Beamer? She's so not impressed. Who knows tho, in time she may accept him and even socialize with him.

Our dog Missy is cautious, but she hasn't had a LOT of time to meet him. I'm thinking more time will occur this week.

Alexis and Kayla were with us when we brought him home, and they love him already. Paige, Brady and Walker were with when we picked him out, but they haven't seen him since. I'm hoping all goes well when they get home today! Remi's still a little skittish, but he's getting better.

Yep, I think he'll fit in just fine in our little family :-)


  1. I loved getting to meet him on Skype the other night! So glad that you gave Remi a forever home and I'm sure the other "kids" will get along with him just fine.

  2. Getting an addition to the family is so exciting! Thank you for taking him from the rescue society! He looks like a love

    Welcome, Remington! Classy name. I like the diminutive.


  3. All is going really well! Remi's adjusting to the hustle and bustle of this very busy, very LOUD house. He's not afraid to state his opinion either :)

  4. So cute, Colie! Kinda reminds me of a lighter/short-haired/male-version of Flashycat! Hope everything is going well! Say hi to the kids from Auntie Chris and Uncle Erik! :)