Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's been a whirlwind the past few weeks! We've tried to find time to get stuff done after work and also trying to spend time with the kids.

Should be a little easier now, although a little more lonely, as we'll have time to get projects done around the house every other week, since those weeks all kids will be with their other parent, and we'll have more time to focus on the kids when they are with us on our weeks.

I do have some photos to share from the last few weeks before I get into Friday's Graduation.

 Love sitting on the deck at night and seeing this.

 But I equally love being able to take these on nice days.

 The tree that seems to attract ants badly also looks quite beautiful for about a week or two when it flowers in the spring.
 The kids decided to play in the driveway, but I made sure they filled in the holes when they were done lol

 Walker's new bike for his birthday, a Mongoose Mutant.
 Cool gift boxes Grandma Baier got that turn into masks.
 Playing with the bag Amy's presents came in.
 His cool cake
 He's 6 now!
 Corey, Paige, Brady and Walker playing with the badminton set Walker got for his birthday.
 A Great Blue Heron flying above
 Corey and Beaver at the Memorial Day Party at Jeremy and Amy's
 Jeremy, Ross, Shannon, Al and Jamie
 Beaver doesn't like his picture taken for some reason....

 Devon wanted to wrestle Corey lol
 Then Al got him back
 It rained and hailed for about a half hour during the party

 After the hail and rain, the kids decided to play in the puddle
 And then make a mud slide lol

 Bailey decided to join in the fun!

 And so did Jamie!

 Al and Red wrestled
 Then Red decided to slide too!

Now, onto the kids' graduation!

It was a wonderful program, the kids did awesomely! They sung a few songs and then were handed their certificates. I didn't get too many good pictures, being inside and a lot of people, but I got a few of them.

Oh, and yes, I cried!

The kids all "excited" about the last day of school
 Our Kindergarten Graduates
 Waiting for the bus
 The background for the program "Sailing into 1st Grade"
 Walker's the last one on the right on the bottom
 Alexis is the last one on the left
 Walker's accepting his "Diploma"
 Alexis accepting her "Diploma"
 Our graduates!
*sniff* Now, this fall, all of our kids will be in school. Kayla will be beginning Fab Four at Caddie, which is 2 full days a week; Alexis and Walker will be 1st Graders at Arkansaw; Brady will be a 2nd Grader at Arkansaw; Paige will be a 4th Grader at Arkansaw. Yes, Kayla will not have her siblings at the same exact school, but her buddy Kayla T will be a Kindergartener there, so she will have a friend.

So sad, kids growing up. Some days you just wish they'd stop growing up and stay small forever, but then the next day you wish they would hurry and grow so they can do more stuff. *sigh* Such is the life of Fairies and Frogs!


  1. *sniff* seems like only yesterday *sniff* that I told my kids to stop growing up *sniff*

    Love the pics! May have to steal a couple ;-)

  2. *sniff* Yes, but if we would have stopped growing, you wouldn't be a grandma :-)

    Go ahead and steal some, I thought you would lol