Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Week

Well hello there! I'm here, just busy busy busy with the busy season at work. Been putting in some overtime and readjusting to the summer schedule with the kiddos. Hell I tell ya.

Corey and I had a hard time the last week with no kids, we were not motivated at all. Of course it doesn't help when the temperature was over 100 the first 2 days, then in the 80s Wednesday, then 70s, 60s, 60s, etc... 40 degree temperature change within days. Crazy!

The 6th of this month began the T-Ball season, and Alexis and Kayla's dad signed them up for it up in Woodville. Without talking to me about it. Insert irritation here! I find out a week before practices start, and he didn't think it was a big deal. Ummm... yeah. Let's not go there, 'kay?

So I went to the first practice/game, they are held every Monday night. The first one was during the 100 degree day, so the kids were not happy. I'm surprised they didn't call the practice off! So I get there, and it turns out the Andy's girlfriend Jenny is the coach, and his mother is the assistant coach. Lovely. Just what I wanted. To top it off, his mother asks me if I want to help out since I was going to be at every game. I said sure, no problem, it's for my kids, I'll do it. his girlfriend wasn't sure how to react, which made me do my happy dance. Silly, I know, but still.

Kayla hitting
 And running
 Alexis hitting
 She, for some reason, decided to make a wide arc to first base lol
 Alexis is all serious, and Kayla is goofy
 Kayla practicing catching the ball with another girls named Brooke.

I cried when I left my girls, and it didn't help that Alexis cried as well. She wanted me to bring her home with me, so I had to explain that even thought I wanted to so badly, I couldn't, as this was her time with her dad. She kept yelling "I love you Mommy!" "I'll miss you Mommy!" over and over. My heart cracked. I had a hard couple days after that.

As my last post stated, the 8th was my parents 20th wedding anniversary. Corey and I went up there last weekend and took them out to dinner, just the 4 of us. It was a quiet ride, lemme tell you. No kids yelling in the backseat, none asking for help on a word in a book or on a game, etc... Quiet, but bittersweet.

Since my parents hadn't figured out where they wanted us to take them, I decided on Famous Dave's. Yum!

I think that's enough typing for now. Don't want to overwhelm you all with facts and pictures. Will post more this week!


  1. It looks like the girls are having a great time with T-Ball, and get to have their Mommy helping out is a double plus! I absolutely love your pics from Famous Daves. I have to say that the white bleeding heart is one of my favs, as well as the lake pics. You have a true gift!

  2. Thanks Mom! Yes, they are having a blast so far! Pictures tonight by Suzanne Wynveen, should be good ones. I get the gift from you, you take some amazing pictures as well. <3 You!