Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 Days!

Ummm....... Hi!





There. I said it.

In about an hour and 15 minutes, it will be 6 days since my last smoke.

Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. Still isn't.

Each day is fraught with the desire and temptation and CRAVING for a cigarette.

Even now, knowing that Corey's up working with his friend Scott just a half mile away, I'm tempted to go up there and bum a smoke from Scott. Corey already tested Scott's friendship tho, by asking him for a smoke right away today and Scott said no. Good friend. He knows what he's suppose to do.

Now, if we both ask him nicely, we could probably get away with one. But, that would put all of our hard work over the past 6 days to waste.


Maybe if we have one now, we will discover they don't taste like the use to and never want one again.

Or, the other side, is that we'd think they tasted like heaven and want them MORE.

Which will it be? Should we even try? The answer, most obvious, is no. But, the temptation is still there. We're doing what we can to not give in, and we're going strong.

We also haven't freaked on each other yet, although there have been a few close calls. We've evaded them though, thank goodness. I am remembering Patty's advice, to be gentle and easy with each other through this, as otherwise there's a good chance we'll both say something we don't mean because we're strung out on nic-fits.

I feel better having vented my frustration, but my cravings haven't left yet. I'm sure that will come in time. If anyone else has any more advice on how to get through it, please, feel free to let me know. We'll take what we can get.

Also, apparently I have what most people have, which is an oral fixation, which is what's not helping my situation. I've got suckers and butterscotch candies. I've also got gum and candy canes. Any other ideas? Any lo-cal ideas for cravings? I'm not really a chewer, unless it's gum. I'm more or less sucking on things, so I can still talk for my job. Really, any suggestions would be welcome!


  1. You guys are doing great! Wish I had some great ideas for you, but if I did, I'd probably have used them myself :-) How about this... when you're really craving a smoke, give each other a kiss... you know, as a support tool ;-)