Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enough is Enough

I did it.

I finally did it.

I had had enough.

I'm finally done with it.

After 14 years. Thank god.

I finally had the balls and willpower to do it, to overcome the irrationality of it.

I stood up for myself and what I really wanted.

I was scared and conflicted.

But I was tired of putting up with all the BS and expense that came along with it.

I had enough guilt over the past year and a half, it finally overrode what my body wanted. I finally listened to my head and my heart, not my body.

I finally QUIT!





...smoking. We both did.

It's hard and it sucks, but Corey and I haven't had a cigarette since 5:30pm Sunday.

We Googled the nicotine withdrawal symptoms last night. We are currently suffering from a bad case of fatigue and muscle aches. Those are suppose to last about a week or two.

We haven't had TOO strong of cravings, but it's been bad enough. We just quit. Cold. Turkey. No cutting down, no substituting or reorganizing. Just up and quit.

We also haven't killed each other, quitting at the same time. We've learned the last few times from trying that we need to be nice.

Quitting on a week with no kids here doesn't hurt either. Less stress.

I'm sure I will do another post at some point about this whole experience. For now, this will be enough as I'm too tired to do much more.

Such is the life, at the moment, for this Fairy and Frog.


  1. SO proud of both of you!! Maybe this will give me the inspiration to do the same, only I'm not so sure I won't slightly hurt your dad...

    BTW... dare I ask who is the frog??

    Love you!!

  2. Congrats! You rock! Hoping I can do the same, but doubtful before the wedding (my hair is already starting to fall out!). Good luck you guys and <3 ya tons! <3 Christine, Erik & Brayden

  3. Mom, if you can do it you know you'll get support from us! If not, that's fine too :-) and I know how you feel about the hurting Dad lol And the Frog? Well, I'll let you decide. I don't think he'd like being called either the Fairy OR the Frog :-)