Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tooth Fairy Fail...

Oh boy... it was a doozy...

The past few weeks Kayla's been talking about her loose teeth. As in, more than one. She lost her first one about a month ago, and was so excited when the Tooth Fairy gave her money. Sweet!

Fast forward to last night:

 During dinner, she kept saying that she couldn't chew very well because her tooth was REALLY loose. I said to just be careful, but then I actually looked at her mouth. Holy moly! Her top right front tooth (catch that?) was hanging on by a thread.

I went to tug gently on it and she got mad. She said she didn't want me to pull it out. I said okay, but to not swallow it. She kept trying to eat but that tooth was not letting her, and she was very adamant on not letting me pull it out.

In the end, I did end up pulling it out. Just a small tug and that sucker was in my hand. She cried. It hadn't hurt, and she could finally eat, but she cried anyways. She's my little crier.

We put the tooth in a Ziploc snack bag and put it under her pillow at bedtime. We were all ready for the Tooth Fairy.

Fast forward again to this morning:

Got up and dressed and stuff. Had my coffee. Heard the girls stirring upstairs so I went up to turn off the space heater (we got it for Christmas from Corey's parents and it helps the upstairs a lot for the kids. Gets really cold up there in the winter as the duct-work isn't the best). Kayla called me from her bedroom so I went in.

There she was, all sleep-rumpled and pouting. She had pulled up her little pillow that the tooth was under, and it was still there in the bag like she was hoping, but there was no money. Cue internally cussing at myself. She thought the tooth had fallen off the bed and maybe that's why the Tooth Fairy didn't come. I said maybe, or maybe she had a really busy night. I suggested to just leave it there and maybe she'd come tonight. Kayla agreed.

I left the room so the girls could get dressed, and all down the stairs I was saying quietly "SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" I got to the bottom of the stairs and said again "SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" Corey was curious about why I was cussing, then he caught on. Cue feel-like-shit-panicky-Mama Mode. I can't believe I had forgotten!

In a flash of inspiration, I took a dollar bill  and rolled it up. I went into the bathroom and pulled open the bottom drawer and stuck the rolled-up dollar bill in between Kayla's hair-brush bristles. Knowing that the first thing the girls do is come down and go to the bathroom then brush their hair, I felt victorious! Of course, the girls tried to dash that feeling when they came down and said "Mama, our hair looks great, we don't need to brush it this morning." I looked at them, then LOOKED at them, and they said "Okay..." and walked into the bathroom.

Next thing I hear is "Mama! Mama! The Tooth Fairy DID come! She left the money in my hairbrush!" I started giggling to myself and said "YAY!" Alexis did chime in kinda cutely "The Tooth Fairy must have been playing the hide and seek game on you Kayla." Yep, she sure did.

Still... *HEADDESK* Tooth Fairy Fail...


  1. Savanna is so easy with that... one night Shawn (who is the tooth fairy) came in and said good night to her and stuck it under her pillow while she was still awake.

  2. No, I don't think it was a fail, I think you just started a new Tooth Fairy tradition! Great thinking!!

  3. Could be worse, but it turned out, that is the important thing. Parenting
    1% skill, 99% luck!

    Love ya "Baby of the Family",


  4. I remember I forgot to do the tooth fairy ritual once when my daughter was very little. I always had her leave a note to keep the tooth under the pillow. I slipped a fast dollar under the pillow and told her to check again. She did and said she must have missed it the first time she looked. Whew!