Monday, January 14, 2013

Icky Bug

Poor Bug.

She started coughing last night.

Woke up with a fever today.

So she and I are spending some downtime here at home today.

Well, she's mainly spending it on the couch with her necessities:

Tissues, puke bucket/bucket to cough stuff up into, cup of ice water, pillow, blankets, monkey, and, of course, Nova the Nurse Kitty.

Her eyes don't really glow like that, it's just the flash from my phone :-)

Here's to hoping it's just a cold, not the nasty flu that's been going around. If so, Corey and/or I will be spending some time here at home with the sickies.


  1. Looks like Nova is doing a great job! Hope she feels better quick!

  2. Poor bug!! Hope she feels better soon! <3 from Erik, Brayden, Jude and Auntie Chris!! <3 <3 <3