Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Llama Llama Mad At Mama*

*or kitty kitty mad at Mama, but that doesn't rhyme...*

Nova got spaid and de-clawed yesterday. I got her back today. Let's just say she's not a happy camper with the Mama at the moment

(don'tcha love the look?)

But, she's home and the "merow"ing has stopped. And my pants and the kid's feet and everything else she decided to scratch (besides the things designated to scratch, of course), will survive unscathed. Yay!

I think she'll love me again someday. Maybe in a few minutes when I give her her painkillers... lol


  1. She will forgive you soon, and be giving you loads of affection!

    Pretty kitty!

  2. She has the evil look down almost as good as Calie ;-)

    Hope she's back to her loving self!

  3. She's back to loving me but I know it'll be a little while before she's completely back to her old self.

  4. I almost didn't get the painkillers with Jude, but honestly, they were worth it, even if he did hiss and meow at himself everytime he walked for about 4 days!!!